BEAUTY Düsseldorf 2023: sustainable sourcing, local procurement—and more

Published: 13-Apr-2023

This year's BEAUTY Düsseldorf opened on March 31 and BeautySourcing joined 20 Chinese suppliers from all sectors of the beauty industry to participate

By interviewing 313 buyers who stopped by our booth we found some new changes in the German beauty market. Follow BeautySourcing to see what new trends await.

Sustainable Sourcing with Reasonable Price

The European Commission presented a proposal to amend the Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (PPWD) in November 2022. The Directive has been amended into a Regulation, meaning the rules are binding and ensure harmonisation in all member states. That means for buyers, they are ensuring reusable packaging options and demanding clearer labels to support correct recycling.

Brands today are more rational and accurate than ever before. It's hard for them to choose high-end Eco packaging because of the high price, such as those whole made of bamboo, handcrafted with elegance. Most brands are looking for cost-effective solutions, glass or aluminium packaging has enjoyed great popularity on site. “Our macarons glass essential oil bottle with bamboo lid was a major attraction onsite. Customers were particularly impressed by our use of eco-friendly materials and unique packaging style.” shared by DEMEI, a leading supplier in the field of cosmetic packaging. And the Recyclable Aluminium Soft Tube displayed by Passen, combing sustainability and new printing techniques, appeal to even the most discerning customers. These hottest packaging reflect that customers are looking for an eco-friendly option and not willing to compromise on designs.

The Rise of Local Procurement

At this post-pandemic time, brands aim for stable growth. Even if they have to switch suppliers, they tend to choose local ones. More brands selected suppliers from Poland, Turkey, Hungary or Southern Africa as their preferred suppliers. It's clear that most buyers prefer to keep their supply chain as close to home as possible.

There are some undeniable benefits to switching to local sourcing. Face-to-face visits allow for better communication and ensure products meet standards. Besides, local suppliers can deliver products faster and shipping costs can be reduced. Conversely, China's demographic dividend has gradually evaporated, and relatively high transportation costs plus political factors contributed to some disadvantages. In spite of this, Chinese suppliers are still competitive due to the integrity of the industrial supply chain and greater efficiencies recognised around the world. BeautySourcing remained committed to recommend global buyers more Chinese premium suppliers and achieve greater mutual understanding and seamless matchmaking between the two sides.

Bring Back a Colourful Life

Spring 2023 bring a rebounding makeup market. People walk outside home, take masks off and desire bright colours to soothe their hurt feelings during the pandemic. 80s trends are back in a big way, coloured mascaras, bold lips, vintage nail polish, Y2K aesthetic makeup packaging...And nostalgia was not limited to ordinary makeup products, but also body beauty. Anewcos displayed a Shimmering Body
Essence , which delivers on the promise of shinny and smooth skin. “It’s velvety on the skin!” exclaimed our visitor after trying it out. “Its strong highlights make me the centre of attention and I would actually purchase it! ”

Permanent makeup also received special attention than years past. Local consumers are more interested in technicians' skills and equipment technical parameters. And for the "strict" Germans, they also attach a lot of importance to pigment safety.

Could Halal Beauty be the Next Hit?

Halal beauty, which advocates natural and zero cruelty, in line with the needs of buyers in Europe and the US, start to make its more presence in Germany.

Halal cosmetics are marketed as healthier, gentler, less irritating cosmetics with a strict certification process. At the same time, Halal beauty products seem to meet “cruelty free” and “no additives” trends. However, major beauty brands have also become sophisticated in developing and marketing “zero-added” products. It is clear that Halal cosmetics are not irreplaceable. There is still a long way to go before Halal beauty becomes well received on the European market.

The next stop, BeautySourcing will be at Mekong Beauty Expo & Vietbeauty 2023, 27-29 July. Keep following us and we will bring you with the most current information.

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