Bayer says Embelia soothes

Published: 18-Feb-2014

Firm publishes study on soothing effects of its Embelia Extract, containing extract of Madagascan plant

German chemicals conglomerate Bayer has published a new in vivo study on the soothing effect of mid to long term use of its Embelia Extract on reactive skin.

The study showed that the product, which contains an extract of the leaves of the Madagascan plant Embelia concinna, which grows wild at high altitudes, effectively inhibits induced histamine release on mast cells and basophils while inhibiting substance P and CGRP release in sensory neurons after capsaicin stimulation.

The firm claims that not only does Embelia soothe histamine production but it has also been shown to inhibit Prostaglandin E2 release and Leukotriene B4 release in an induced polymorphonuclear neutrophils model.

“It significantly decreases the sensation intensity score at D7 and D28, providing a soothing effect in the mid to long term against discomfort sensation caused by capsaicin,” said the firm.

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