Beauty Kitchen encourages sustainable living with new Return. Refill. Repeat. programme

By Becky Bargh | Published: 19-Mar-2019

In 2018, the beauty sector generated more than 142 billion units of packaging, most of which went to landfill or the ocean, according to The Independent

Sustainable beauty brand Beauty Kitchen is encouraging consumers to recycle their beauty packaging with its new Return. Refill. Repeat initiative.

The programme will enable customers to return their Beauty Kitchen empties for free to be washed and reused.

In order to make it easier to reuse its product packaging Beauty Kitchen has switched its packaging to glass and aluminium materials.

The brand has also partnered with 220 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium which will accept its empties to wash and reuse.

It is also working towards accepting other brands' packaging in the future.

Commenting on the new programme, co-founder of the Beauty Kitchen Jo Chidley said: “Reusing is better than recycling because it saves energy by removing the processes needed to recycle and minimises waste before it happens.

“For me, this programme is about taking care of the sustainability side of things for our customers, so they feel good about the choices they make.”

She continued: “It takes the concept of sustainable beauty to a whole new level and allows beauty consumers to take positive steps to adopting a zero-waste beauty regime.”

With sustainability at the forefront of the brand, it has also redesigned every element of its new packaging with reusability in mind.

It will no longer use glue on its lids in order for them to be washed and reused as well.

Chidley added: “Ever since the beginning of Beauty Kitchen, we’ve always looked for more sustainable solutions for what we put in our products and then what we put those products into.

“We use the most sustainable, effective ingredients and the most sustainable packaging too.”

Customers can access the service via

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