Benefit Cosmetics embroiled in backlash after refusing beauty treatment to NHS worker

By Becky Bargh 15-Apr-2021

The brow favourite brand was accused by one customer for treating health care workers like they have ‘plague’

Benefit Cosmetics' Carnaby Street, London, store

Benefit Cosmetics' Carnaby Street, London, store

Beauty brand Benefit Cosmetics has found itself in hot water with consumers after refusing treatment to one NHS worker at its Reigate, UK store.

Upon arriving for her appointment, the health care assistant said she was asked a series of questions and told the shop worker that she worked in a hospital, looking after patients that included ones with Covid-19.

“I was honest and said that I worked in a hospital and had looked after Covid patients and patients with Covid symptoms,” the woman said in a Tweet.

“The girl excused herself and went to speak to an older blonde who was quite loud and rude, saying I should have called them and acting like I’d wasted their time,” the worker added.

Consumers took to social media to express their disgruntlement with the brow favourite brand.

One user described the brand as “disgusting”, while another said they would never buy products from Benefit again.

Another accused the company of treating NHS workers like “they have the plague”.

In response, Benefit posted a picture across its social media channels with the words: “You’ve told us, we’ve listened, we’ve made some changes”.

The post said that customers are expected to answer three ‘screening’ questions before treatments can take place.

The questions are:

  • Have you or members of your household had Covid-19 or Covid-19 symptoms in the last ten days?
  • Have you been in close contact with anyone who has Covid-19 or Covid-19 symptoms in the last ten days?
  • Were you wearing medical grade PPE at the time?

Non-essential retailers including personal care destinations, such as spas and beauty treatment services, across England were given the green light to reopen for business on Monday 12 April after a three-month shutdown.

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Cosmetics Business has reached out to Benefit for comment.