Billie’s new board game addresses societal challenges faced by women

By Alessandro Carrara | Published: 3-Aug-2023

The shaving brand created No Worries If Not to raise awareness of the different types of challenges women face throughout their careers and lives

Bringing to light the double standards faced by women in today's society, shaving brand Billie’s new No Worries If Not board game is the “impossible game” no woman can win.

Players can take a trip down ‘Judgment Junction’, ‘Self-Doubt Spiral’ and ‘Fertility Fields’, as they compete to reach the goal of ‘Everyone’s Happy, No One’s Mad Land’.

The brand, which specialises in razors and body care products, said the game was based on the “real-life setbacks” and “pitfalls of daily life” as a woman.

“It is a game about ‘The Game’ women hate playing: people-pleasing, overthinking, multitasking, over-apologizing,” Billie added in the statement.  

Billie also created a promotional video in the style of an 1980s infomercial to accompany the launch.

Directed by Luca Venter, the satirical short pokes fun at No Worries If Not and calls it “the game women never wanted to play”.

The board game is available on the brand’s website for US$24.99, and comes with a dice, six tokens, 86 cards and a mystery ‘big envelope’ that the winner can open.

“At Billie, we believe the world is a better place when women don't have to face constant judgement - on their appearance, choices, or existence,” the brand said in a statement.

“We want to make room for women to make their own rules, create new routines that truly serve them, and shake off the old pressures.”

The subscription shaving brand was launched by Georgina Gooley and Jason Bravman in 2017 with the goal of selling razors to women for a fair price.

Billie was also the first women’ shaving brand to launch an advert featuring body hair on women, as part of its Project Body Hair campaign.

Personal care company Edgewel acquired Billie for $310m in 2021 to expand its women's shaving category.

Edgewell had been a strategic supplier to shaving brand since it was launched, and said the this acquisition was a “natural evolution” of the partnership between the two companies.

Billie then launched into its first-ever retail destination with US retailer Walmart in 2022. 

The women’s digital-native brand is now sold in over 4,000 Walmart bricks-and-mortar stores across America.

“Since day one, our intention has been to create high-quality products at an accessible price point for all of womankind,” said Gooley at the time. 

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