Brazil welcomes historic Bill to ban cosmetics animal testing

The Bill comes following more than a year of high-profile campaigning and extensive work by animal rights campaigners

Brazil's Chamber of Deputies has passed a bill which drastically curbs the use of animals for cosmetic testing. Bill 6602/13 will come into force in September and will ban the use of animals in tests for cosmetics in Brazil where alternatives have already been established and approved internationally. Animal testing will still be allowed for novel ingredients developed for use in cosmetics.

Organisations such as Cruelty Free International and Humane Society International have been campaigning strongly on the ban for the past year and have welcomed the Bill, which was negotiated by Deputado Ricardo Izar, President of the Parliamentary Front in Defence of Animals.

Cruelty Free International Brazil campaign manager, Frank Alarcon, said: “We are delighted that Brazil has taken this great stride forward. Now the task is to work with industry and regulators to ensure that Brazilian cosmetics become completely cruelty-free at the earliest possible date.”

Humane Society International's Be Cruelty-Free Brazil’s Antoniana Ottoni added: “We are thrilled that Brazil is joining the ranks of the European Union, Norway, Israel and India in ending the practice. However, as it is currently worded there are some unfortunate loopholes in the Bill that must be closed. Experts are working with the Senate and all parties involved to help improve Brazil’s Bill and bring it closer to what Brazilians want to see: a completely cruelty-free cosmetics future for Brazil. Nonetheless, this is an important milestone.”