Brenntag’s new creative concept - “Protect, Repair, Supercharge”

Published: 30-Oct-2017

Figures released in 2016 from the UN’s study of World’s Cities stated that 54.5% of the world’s population live in urban areas, and this number is due to rise to an estimated 60% by 2030. The anti-pollution cosmetic and personal care market is valued at £30 million in the UK, according to NPD Group (Beauty Market Research and Business Solutions).

What started as a premium beauty trend is now predicted to become even more widespread. It comes as no surprise therefore, that people are becoming more and more conscious of the environment we live in, specifically the damages this can cause to our skin and hair – a term come to be known as ‘polluaging’.

Fumes released from vehicles and factories combine to wage war on skin and hair with DNA-mutating free radicals, causing irreparable damage to cells whilst also having a detrimental effect to their regeneration capabilities. The skin’s protective barrier is altered, causing increased sensitivity, inflammation and redness, furthermore constant subjection to pollution particulates leads to dullness and premature ageing of the skin – ‘polluaging’.

Not only are consumers aware of the effects of pollution, they are also more educated on the negative impact that some cosmetics and personal care products have on the environment as well as an increased awareness of the ingredients in their products – this has led to an upward trend in the desire for products that work hard to protect against the external and internal environments of day-to-day life, but are also free of harsh chemicals and reduce the impact on the environment i.e. ‘Green Chemicals’.

As our lives get more hectic, consumers are constantly searching for innovative products that give not only better results but are easier and faster to use, this has resulted in the desire for a ‘one product does all’ solution, thus presenting an ambitious challenge for formulators and cosmetic scientists alike.

In answer to this challenge Brenntag have created a number of formulations for all aspects of personal care life, that work hard in functionality, protection and environmentally. Brenntag’s new creative concept which the team will unveil at the forthcoming SCS Formulate is called Protect, Repair, Supercharge, and features a range of innovative formulations to help address the various issues of modern lifestyle.

Through research and testing at our cosmetic science lab in Amiens, France, we have incorporated smart, multifunctional ingredients in to a product range that will inspire and provide sustainable, exciting solutions to the increasing needs and desires of the modern consumer.

Our hard-working actives, top quality essential ingredients and ‘green chemicals’ promise to deliver results without compromise. With our extensive technical and market knowledge along with priority on customer service and safety, we can work together with our customers to help achieve their complex goals that reflect a market that desires more than ever from their cosmetic and personal care products.

Brenntag will be showcasing these new formulations at SCS Formulate on the 14th- 15th November at Ricoh Arena, but for an exclusive preview please continue reading…

City-Defence Serum

Brenntag’s new creative concept - “Protect, Repair, Supercharge”

When defending your skin from ‘polluaging’, being proactive is your best defence. This lightweight formula helps to keep skin soft and hydrated all day as well as providing protection from those pesky particulates. An intelligent active ingredient creates an invisible barrier on the surface of your skin to keep the good stuff in and the bad stuff out.

Make-up Remover Stick

You expect more from your make-up now more than ever, not only to look better, but to last all day. Heavy make-up combined with pollution particulates requires a cleanser that works harder. This formulation removes even the toughest make-up, including waterproof mascara, whilst cleansing your face from daily pollution.

Apply directly to face and wash with warm water to reveal beautifully cleansed, luxuriously soft skin. As this cleanser is in stick form, you can take this with you wherever you are without risk of leaking, for beautifully clean skin wherever you are. We are proud to announce that this formulation has been shortlisted as one of the finalists for the Laura Marshall Memorial Award at this year’s SCS.

Legs on the go

Brenntag’s new creative concept - “Protect, Repair, Supercharge”

Our modern hectic lifestyle means we can be left feeling aching and tired at the end of the day. Alleviate the sensation of heavy legs, this formulation contains a clever active ingredient that increases microcirculation, resulting in a mild tingling sensation to help soothe weary legs as well as containing a further active ingredient that, when combined with caffeine, aids the breakdown of triglyceride stocks.

This means that this cream works harder to relieve the discomfort of a hectic day and to slim-down, smooth and reduce cellulite. Who needs the gym?!

O2 Shower Gel

Brenntag’s new creative concept - “Protect, Repair, Supercharge”

Packed full of antioxidants thanks to a natural dye that will scavenge any nasty free radicals we pick up and increase oxygenation of your cells, this shower gel is like a breath of fresh air for your skin. Best of all, this formulation is extremely mild and gentle so it is suitable for sensitive skin.


Brenntag’s new creative concept - “Protect, Repair, Supercharge”

Burning the candles at both ends? Hide the evidence with this intelligent formulation that helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

This formulation contains a powerful antioxidant; an active ingredient helping to boost microcirculation around the eye area teamed with the cool stainless steel ball applicator which will help to restrict blood vessels. Dark eyes will be a thing of the past! Go on, stay out for one more…

Visit Brenntag and test out formulations first hand on stand 321 at SCS Formulate on 14th-15th November 2017, Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

Or contact a member of our team – for more information.


Harriet Stokes - Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics Team

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