ButterflyCannon is The One for new Oriflame line

Published: 18-Sep-2017

ButterflyCannon has designed a new range for Oriflame cosmetics brand The One.

The look of The One Express Collection, which is aimed at youthful, trend-driven consumers, is said to capture the energetic, creative spirit of consumers who wish to be more expressive with their make-up.

The range includes hero product The One Lash Transformer, a customisable mascara offering ‘doll eyes’, ‘drama’ and ‘statement’ look lashes.

Each unit in the range features brush stroke lettering, which contrasts against the packs’ charcoal background and bold colours.

The logo, meanwhile, has been turned 90 degrees, so the Express Collection looks like it’s ‘rebelling’ against the rest of The One range.

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