ButterflyCannon packages The Pregnancy Collection

By Austyn King | Published: 19-May-2017

ButterflyCannon creates positioning and packaging for the world's first luxury beauty brand for pregnant women

Unity Beauty Essentials has launched The Pregnancy Collection, the first luxury beauty brand designed specifically with pregnant women in mind, with its brand identity and packaging created by UK-based design agency ButterflyCannon.

The brand's Founder Parvathi Nair hopes to offer women beauty products that cater to their needs and concerns during pregnancy, while providing an indulgent beauty experience she found was missing from existing pregnancy-safe beauty products.

Nair worked with ButterflyCannon to create luxurious branding and packaging for the range, explaining: “When I came up with the idea behind Unity Beauty Essentials, I knew I wanted to create a beautiful brand that I would be proud to display.

“ButterflyCannon have certainly delivered this, but I was also impressed by how they got to the heart of the philosophy behind my product and ensured this was carried through to the brand identity and packaging.”

The Unity name was chosen to celebrate three “emotional drivers” that appeal to consumers – nature, nurture and community – while also referring to the union between a mother and her baby, according to ButterflyCannon.

According to Arron Egan, Associate Creative Director at ButterflyCannon, the design agency was inspired by the story behind the brand, which began during Nair's own pregnancy.

Dissatisfied with existing pregnancy-focused beauty products, as she found them either too “cold and clinical” or “patronising”, Nair combined the natural remedies she remembered from her childhood in India with her existing experience in the beauty industry to create the products.

The product packaging also nods towards Nair's Indian heritage by featuring a series of interlocking foiled gold rings accentuated by an inner ring of golden dots.

ButterflyCannon chose an off-white and pink background to recall caring, nurturing and femininity, along with sections of pale and vivid green to highlight the products' signature ingredient of Indian gooseberry, said to be a 'pregnancy superfruit'.

Egan added: “We were able to deliver a solution that communicates both the practical and emotional benefits to the consumer while retaining luxury and premiumness.”

Unity Beauty Essentials – The Pregnancy Collection will launch with three core products: the Complete Duo: Stretch Mark Cream + Oil; Daily Body Hydrator; and Intensive Body Nourisher.

The brand is not the only pregnancy-focused health and beauty range to have launched recently; UK brand My Expert Midwife recently told Cosmetics Business how its products are breaking the personal care taboo around women's needs pre- and post-childbirth.

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