COSMOGEN integrates innovative technology into cosmetic accessories

Published: 28-Jun-2018

COSMOGEN has signed an industrial and commercial agreement with PYLOTE, a French industrial company specialising in mineral and green ceramic chemistry.

By integrating this innovative and protective technology into its industrial manufacturing process, COSMOGEN offers brands and their consumers more hygienic, safer and greener solutions.

The added-value of this technology allows to:

  • Ensure hygiene of the product throughout its use
  • Enhance the consumers' perception
  • Make a difference

COSMOGEN integrates innovative technology into cosmetic accessories

This technology is based on the antimicrobial effect that mineral microspheres confer to the materials they are incorporated in, such as foams or brush fibers, making them cleaner and safer for the consumer.

These microspheres are obtained through an innovative patented and exclusive green manufacturing process in one single step without any organic solvent or waste.

Renaud van den Berg

Renaud van den Berg

The tests carried out by independent laboratories have demonstrated the effectiveness of this innovation made in France in its protective role.

It has won several awards (Pharmapack Award, CPhl Pharma Award, Packaging Award, CSR Solutions Award). It is also COSMOS approved and in compliance with FDA, international cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food regulations.

COSMOGEN is pursuing its innovation strategy in search of performance, reliability and added value for cosmetics brands that are facing the gradual removal of preservatives, and the consumer demand for hygienic, healthy, safe and environmentally friendly products. A CSR approach that serves their image.

"This partnership with pylote fits a key objective for consumers, whose demand for hygienic, safe and healthy products is growing strongly. It has become the major concern of international cosmetics brands, which are facing regulations.

Loïc Marchin

Loïc Marchin

Our mission is therefore to provide them with an innovative, but also realistic, industrial, reliable and value-added solution."
Renaud van den Berg, CEO de COSMOGEN

"I am delighted that our innovative technology made in France can benefit all players in the cosmetics industry, and primarily consumers.

The blend of our expertise with that of COSMOGEN is a leap forward in providing solutions that are today fully operational, responsible and safe, while having an immediate impact of safety and comfort for consumers."
Loïc Marchin, CEO de PYLOTE

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