CPL Aromas launch range of captive fragrance ingredients


CPL Aromas launch range of captive fragrance ingredients
International Fragrance House, CPL Aromas, has launched “Aromafusion” its range of in-house specialist ingredients available exclusively to its perfumers.

Aromafusion is a fragrance ingredient technology developed by CPL Aromas that allows its perfumers access to truly unique high quality materials unavailable elsewhere in the industry. CPL Aromas clients will benefit by having access to new creations that feature truly unique ingredients that cannot be reproduced elsewhere.

The ingredients are produced through an innovative high tech process that fuse a combination of high quality ingredients by molecular distillation producing materials never before used by perfumers. The range of Aromafusion products extends the palette of ingredients available to CPL Aromas perfumers who will become the exclusive recipients of these new raw materials affording customers the guarantee of innovation through a combination of Art and Science.

CPL Aromas Director of Perfumer, Christian Provenzano, commented:

“Our clients are constantly requesting creativity and innovation; Aromafusion ingredients allow CPL Aromas perfumers the ability to formulate with high quality captive ingredients providing us with new creative possibilities”

Group CEO, Chris Pickthall, added

“The launch of Aromafusion marks an important step in the development of our business. Extensive research and investment has produced a range of high quality raw materials that are totally unique and exclusive to CPL Aromas as we seek to offer new and innovative benefits to our clients”

The range of Aromafusion ingredients is extensive and provides perfumers with a diverse range of odour areas that work in several perfumery applications. These captive ingredients will not be offered for sale outside of the company.

CPL Aromas is dedicated only to fragrances and can rightly claim to be the world’s largest, fragrance only, fragrance house. This specific focus on fragrance allows the company to concentrate its efforts on perfumery. Aromafusion is, therefore, solely for the development of fragrances and increases the number of raw materials on its palette.

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Clients of CPL Aromas can now request bespoke fragrance creations that incorporate Aromafusion ingredients safe in the knowledge that the creations will remain exclusive as the technology is unavailable elsewhere.