Chanel invests in AI with first-ever try-on beauty app

By Becky Bargh 22-Feb-2021

Lipscanner is a world-first for the brand and pairs colour inspiration with more than 400 lip products from the luxury French brand

Chanel invests in AI with first-ever try-on beauty app

Luxury French powerhouse Chanel has invested in a beauty try-on tool, a world-first for the brand.

Dubbed Lipscanner, the in-house app allows users to scan a colour from social media, magazines or items of clothing and Chanel will match it with the brand’s closest shade from its 400-strong lipstick line.

If the user takes a colour inspiration from another face, Lipscanner’s artificial intelligence (AI) will be able to identify the product’s texture from matte to glossy and match with one of the brand’s closest products.

Consumers can also pair lipsticks with outfits and accessories by using the Colour Picking feature.

Based on a photo taken within the app or in consumer’s camera rolls, an algorithm can also analyse the shade of an outfit that will pair two or three Chanel lipsticks that will be best suited.

Once a colour has been identified, the user can virtually try-on the product within the app and send pictures or share on social media.

The project, in partnership with CX Lab, took months to develop and has launched at the pinnacle time for online shopping.

With bricks-and-mortar still closed across the UK due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the AI tools have bolstered in popularity among the biggest players in the sector.

In a mammoth deal with search engine giant Google, L’Oréal accelerated its AI capabilities by allowing customers to instantly try on products online through any advert from its brand portfolio.

The technology is also available on the Maybelline and Lancôme owners YouTube channel.

Meanwhile, social media platform Pinterest expanded its try-on capabilities to include eyeshadows last month, an extension of its lipstick try-on tool.

But innovation for beauty apps is not just happening within the realms of colour cosmetics.

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