Chantecaille collaborates with Bloom on new cosmetics range

Published: 1-Nov-2012

Save The Sharks Palette donates 5% of proceeds to Bloom

Cosmetics company Chantecaille has collaborated with non-profit organisation the Bloom Association to create its new, limited edition, Spring/Summer 2013 cosmetics colour collection, the Save The Sharks Palette, where 5% of all proceeds will be donated to the Hong Kong and Paris based Bloom association, in aid of banning shark finning.

The Save The Sharks Palette is made up of both eye and cheek make-up, and is based on a shark fin design in attempt to reinforce the efforts to ban the inhumane act. In previous years, the founders of the cosmetics company, Olivia and Sylvie Chantecaille, have ensured that Chantecaille has supported numerous animal-based charities. According to Sylvie Chantecaille: "Our customers are very intelligent women with the power to make a difference." Sharks have played a vital role in our oceans for over 400 millions years, regulating the health of our marine ecosystems and ensuring they maintain this health. However in the past 40 years, 95% of several shark species have been annihilated due to the increasing unregulated shark fin trade in Asia, which is not only a threat to this longstanding species, but also to the balance of 70% of our planets ecosystems. Destroying sharks potentially destroys the planet; and Chantecaille’s exclusive palette has been crafted in the hope of preventing this.”

The Save The Sharks Palette is said to be suitable for the spring season due to the fresh colours used. Although the colours are bold they remain soft and highly feminine, and like other Chantecaille products, the palette is produced using a high concentration of natural botanicals, giving it the ability to revitalise and nourish the skin. The Palette consists of four colours, each named appropriately according to the charity. The Great White is a soft beige colour that is inspired greatly around the great white shark itself, but also greatly around the oceans ecosystems. Similarly, there is the Grey Reef, which reflects the appearance of the Indian Ocean and grey reef shark. The Black Tip section of the palette is a fashionable deep ocean blue and relates to the fin of a black tip shark, and the final addition to the palette is the Sea Anemone, which is a golden coral based cheek shade inspired by the tropical underwater gardens of the oceans.

The Save The Sharks Palette will be available at £75 and, as previously stated, 5% of all proceeds will be donated to Bloom. Furthermore Chantecaille has printed a QR code on the back of each of the Save The Sharks Palette box which will be linked directly to their website, making any additional donations both welcome and efficient.

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