Clariant’s Prunizen fights stress-induced hair loss

By Julia Wray | Published: 30-Mar-2022

Prunella vulgaris-derived ingredient helps reduce cortisol production to de-stress hair and scalp

Stress-induced hair loss is the target of Clariant’s new ingredient Prunizen.

The active ingredient claims to improve hair vitality and density, and restore hair and scalp wellbeing.

Commenting on the effects of psychoemotional stress (PES) on hair health, Alexandre Lapeyre, Head of Marketing & Business Development at Clariant Natural Ingredients, said: “PES is deeply detrimental to scalp and hair health because it triggers excessive production of the hormone cortisol.

“This provokes negative reactions such as accelerated hair loss, thinning, greying, scalp irritation and itching.”

He added: “It’s not possible to eliminate PES periods from people’s lives, but we are delighted to offer a herbal active proven to uniquely reduce stress-induced changes, which will support anti-hair-loss innovation and the growing role of hair care products in managing emotional strain.”

Prunizen uses the properties of Prunella vulgaris to help reduce cortisol production.

The new extract counteracts stress-induced slowing of hair follicles growth to help prevent hair fall and protect hair structure.

It also improves scalp wellbeing by increasing the release of the neurotransmitter oxytocin for an instant de-stress effect.

In clinical tests, after three months, volunteers benefited from a -15% reduction in hair in loss stage, as well as an 83% increase in hair quality and 38% increase in hair volume.

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