Clarisonic – Super sonic cleansing

L'Oréal owned Clarisonic has created a name for itself as a leader in the skin care cleansing category, with a wide product range catering for both professional and consumer needs

Skin care specialist Clarisonic has taken cleansing to another level over the last decade. Co-founder Dr Robb Akridge discusses how the company has come to be a unique innovator in a field that it dominates, as Chris McLeod reports

Dr Robb Akridge co-founded Clarisonic as a virtual company in the year 2000 with David Giuliani, Steve Meginniss, Ward Harris and Ken Pilcher before establishing the business as a private company in 2002 based in Bellevue, Washington. The company produces the Clarisonic line of skin care products and is a frontrunner in the at-home aesthetics market, providing consumers with the technology to cleanse and care for their skin. Akridge, with a doctorate in microbiology from Texas A&M University, talks to ECM about how and why the company was originally formed.

“Clarisonic was created because we wanted to help people with acne,” he says. “Acne starts with clogged pores. We discovered a way to sonically cleanse the skin six times better than you can by hand. Better cleansing helps remove more dirt from the pores, which can reduce the effects of acne. The founders were all from the sonic toothbrush world and from 2002-2004 we developed the product, which we launched to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. What we discovered is that people didn’t know they weren’t cleansing their skin as well as they could. We were able to demonstrate this through clinical studies and the results we found were pretty amazing!” Clarisonic claims to promote the reduction of oily areas, dry skin patches and blemishes though a mechanical system that is gentle enough to use twice a day. . . .

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