Consumer wellness in fearful times

Published: 23-Apr-2020

Consumers need solutions that provide them reassurance

The global pandemic is changing the world rapidly and profoundly. People are being confined for weeks, an unprecedented situation which limits fundamental freedom of movement. Family and friends are being impacted directly by the severe health crisis; the economic outlook is stark.

Consumers need solutions that provide them reassurance. How can we help them combat anxiety? How do we engage them and provide them with an anchor to cope with fear?

Baby boomers are concerned about their welfare and even more about their children’s future. Millennials and Gen-Z are seeing how their economic prospects are more uncertain than ever and many are concerned about their parents' health.

What is the top consumer skincare concern?

Looking at data from March 2016 (Mintel, USA), we can observe how stress and UV were the top two skincare concerns. With the current situation, we can only project that stress relief with soothing and calming formulas will continue gaining traction.

ALGAKTIV Zen is the ideal active technology to shield from stress during daytime and ensure night skin relief. Its circadian rhythm technology delivers skin radiance in just 10 days to empower consumers, now more than ever.

What about holistic wellness?

If we take a holistic approach, we can definitely see how the trend towards wellness will accelerate. However, concerns about contagion and the need to maintain social distance means that digital wellness and home treatments and workouts will be hot market segments.

ALGAKTIV BodySKN taps on the home workout and holistic wellness trends becoming the ideal yoga or Zumba skincare companion. Just contact ALGAKTIV to learn more about this 2020 premier.

How will the world change with social distancing and the fear of contagion?

A dose of optimism

We believe the pandemic and Coronavirus have raised consumers awareness about the importance of the immune system. Our mood, sun bathing, good nutrition and caring for others (online at least for now) are vital elements to strengthen our immune system.

In skincare, immune boosters that shield our skin will be key technologies to inject in new formulations.

ALGAKTIV Optimmunist - boost your immune system with a touch of optimism!
ALGAKTIV BioSKN - rapid immune boosting and skin renewal with a balancing touch

New habits, new opportunities

The use of hand sanitizer has become a new global habit overnight. This category will boom and hand care products will too. Hand sanitising will probably become the first step of revised beauty routines. Similar to face cleansing, it will ensure us create a safe and reassuring skincare experience.

We live demanding times. Collaboration is a potent antidote. Engage your ALGAKTIV partner to fill your formulas with consumer meaningful content.

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