Corpack contributes to the new Love The Iconic Red collection by Artdeco

Published: 4-Mar-2020

The color red is the key color of the new make-up spring/summer collection created by the cosmetic company Artdeco in cooperation with the designer Steffen Schraut.

For the limited red packaging Artdeco uses three components exclusively developed by Corpack: a refillable powder compact with integrated mirror, lipstick and mascara.

The blusher case in classic red and the lip relief embossing on the powder stone make the blush couture a visual highlight. The Perfect Color Lipstick in Iconic Red design makes a strong impression, as does the All in One Mascara with special brush.

Both components are equipped with a high-quality metal over shell.

A pink kissing mouth, which has been screen printed on all components in various places, gives the collection style and a unique highlight.

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