Corpack introduces its newest innovation the ‘Perphone’


Designed, developed and produced by Corpack, this is the newest innovation in perfume packaging, combining the world of mobile phones with a fragrance.

Perphone is a fashion and fragrance accessory, designed around the object that has become one of the most indispensable devices known to the human race: the smartphone. Not only has our mobile phone become a fashion statement, but it has been integrated into our daily lives, becoming a permanent fixture or necessity with which most cannot do without.

Corpack introduces its newest innovation the ‘Perphone’

The Perphone, now makes your smartphone even more fashionable, as it can be matched with whatever you are wearing and can enhance your day with a refreshing application of your favorite fragrance, when and wherever you care to apply it. Whether before a business meeting, a date, or during travel, it can be used on-the-go and repeated whenever desired. It accompanies you like a loyal servant, as does your mobile phone.

For more information on the Perphone and how it can be adapted for your brand or promotion, please contact Corpack at:

Perphone is an idea and trademark of Innovantix GmbH. Patent pending for utility and design internationally.

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