Corpack’s new "Slipstick": mono-material lipstick, lightweight, easy to sort and recycle, and producible with sustainable materials

Published: 6-Oct-2022

Packaging specialist Corpack is expanding its range of sustainable packaging with a new mono-material lipstick

Corpack‘s latest development is the “Slipstick”, a mono-material, light-weight lipstick that can be made from either biodegradable or recycled material. These characteristics are ideal for a more economic sorting and recycling process, further enhancing the sustainability of this concept.

The name "Slipstick" is a reference to the patented sliding mechanism of this stick, with the claim to create a lighter pack with fewer parts, using mono-material.

For consumers, biodegradability and material origin are increasingly important. This mono-material lipstick can be produced in either “BioD”, a cellulose-based bioplastic, or PCR PET or eventually PP.

The "Slipstick", with its push-up shell, is a new simplified way to apply a lipstick, lip balm or concealer stick.

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