Cosmetics Business Trends: How Latinx beauty is moving mainstream

By Jo Allen 4-Feb-2022

Latinx beauty is gaining ground as a wave of entrepreneurs establish brands that target specific needs, celebrate local culture and tackle underrepresentation in the industry

This article was originally published in the February issue of Cosmetics Business Trend Report

K-beauty has inspired dozens of other country-branded beauty movements to emerge and gain popularity on the global beauty landscape.

But the 'beauty hotspot' trend signals much wider shifts within the industry: the need to radically expand beauty ideals and improve representation for underserved consumers in a way that resonates with them; and the rise of patriotism due to economic uncertainty.

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This first insight in February's 'beauty hotspot' trend series explores how, following a decades-long lack of representation, Latin American beauty – also called Latinx or L-beauty – is now coming into its own.


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