Cosmetics Business in conversation with OPM Group

Published: 7-Jul-2020

In this video interview, Cosmetics Business talks to label and packaging company OPM Group to find out how it has adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic and why flexibility has been key to its success

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OPM Group is a Leeds, UK-based producer of high quality self-adhesive labels and flexible packaging solutions across multiple industries, cosmetics included.

Like all businesses, OPM has been faced with new workplace guidelines amid measures to curb the spread of Covid-19.

However, the company provides an excellent case study into how being proactive rather than reactive and embracing flexibility in the face of rapidly-changing customer demand can turn a tough situation into an opportunity.

In this exclusive video interview with Cosmetics Business, Arnie Ellison, New Business Development Director, OPM Group and Charlotte Ellison, Commercial Director, OPM Group, tell Cosmetics Business about the benefits a family-run business can offer clients, while providing insider knowledge on what’s been trending during lockdown.

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