Cosmetics Business reveals 5 key beauty & self-care trends in new report


As consumers prioritise their self-care in 2021, this report identifies the unique opportunities this presents for beauty brands, and the next trends that will emerge

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Top 5 trends:

1. Message in a bottle

2. The mind, skin & hair connection

3. Beauty devices

4. Destigmatising sex tech

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Self-care may not be new, but in 2020, accelerated by the pandemic, it became one of the most well-used buzzwords — alongside terms like ‘staycation’ and ‘social distancing’.

It was also a year in which self-care took on greater meaning in people’s lives, and the role that beauty plays within self-care was brought sharply into focus.

“I believe self-care has become the core of what beauty is today,” says Meghan Asha, founder and CEO of US retail conference host FounderMade. “We’ve seen a huge shift from beauty being for the outside world, to internal beauty. Skin care and beauty rituals have become a form of self-care. How you feel from the inside-out, your health and longevity is now at the forefront of what it means to be beautiful,” she adds.

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As the pandemic brought wellness to the foreground, self-care could suddenly be found across a multitude of daily actions from health-focused practices such as hand sanitising to personal care maintenance like hair removal, while relaxing routines from candle-lit baths to skin care regimes became a comforting retreat from increased levels of stress.


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