Cost of living crisis: how should beauty brands respond?

By Jo Allen 30-Jun-2022

Consumers are being hit by record high inflation and they expect support. How can beauty companies get it right?

Cost of living crisis: how should beauty brands respond?

This article was originally published in the July issue of Cosmetics Business Trend Report

With the cost of living crisis set to hit consumers hard, beauty and personal care brands and retailers will be keeping a close watch on how their buying behaviour changes.

Will they cut back on luxury labels, switch to cheaper brands? Will they scale back their use of ‘non-essential’ products such as fragrance and make-up as they go out less – an impact seen during the 2008 crash when inflation was high?

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Already, consumers are buying fewer beauty products than they were six months ago. In the UK, one in three female consumers, and a quarter of consumers in total, have been forced to cut back on beauty purchases since November 2021, according to YouGov.


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