Coty prioritises diversity and inclusion for new brand purpose

Published: 10-Oct-2022

The owner of Rimmel London and CoverGirl has also pledged to "address harmful stereotypes"

Coty has unveiled a new corporate identity and mission, prioritising diversity and inclusion.

The owner of Rimmel and CoverGirl’s company purpose is “together, we unleash every vision of beauty”.

The change comes two years after Sue Y. Nabi joined as CEO, who previously prioritised diversity during her tenure at L’Oréal.

The executive changed L’Oréal Paris’ famous tagline ‘Because I’m worth it’ to the most inclusive ‘Because we’re worth it’ and hired the then 68-year-old Jane Fonda as a brand ambassador.

“Beauty has always been, and will always be, at the heart of society and culture,” said Nabi.

“The question of what is beautiful has built and fuelled our industry through time.

“We believe that today, no one can control or should dictate what is or is not beautiful.

“Beauty is formless, like water, a constantly evolving and adapting concept. Therefore, we need to undefine the notion of beauty.”

Coty said it is going to “address harmful stereotypes” created by the beauty industry.

Nabi added: “Collaboration is the catalyst for creating forward-thinking beauty.

“In synchrony with our people, our partners, and our customers, we will develop products that provide new, innovative, and simply better science-based solutions. Together, we will make over the world of beauty."

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