Cristalhyal® e-Perfection


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Cristalhyal® e-Perfection

If perfection came in a skincare ingredient, it would be this: Cristalhyal® e-Perfection. Givaudan Active Beauty harnesses the power of white biotech to modify high molecular weight HA in a sustainable vectorised complex with bentonite clay. The result? A gold standard ingredient that penetrates deep epidermal layers for multiple benefits from well-ageing to long-lasting hydration and mattifying effects.

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More topics you’ll learn about:

  • Top drivers of consumer demand and global market context
  • How to outperform regular HMW HA to access deep epidermal layers
  • Mode of action of the ingredient and clinical tests showing efficient results
  • How to formulate with Cristalhyal® e-Perfection to create the market's next ‘must-have’ product

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