Decoding the future of K-beauty


At the forefront of beauty innovation, Korea is starting to define beauty perceptions and consumer habits not just regionally, but globally

Nicole Fall

Korean beauty brands are capitalising on consumers around the world, as Nicole Fall, CEO of Asian Consumer Intelligence, explains

"K-beauty has emerged from a once newborn trend, to a significant driver of how women aspire to look, not just regionally, but globally.

The concept has morphed from new boom to an established business, and revolutionised once Western beauty ideals to what I dub ‘new generasian beauty’.

Korea is now the number one holder of patents related to skin care products and technology, and growth in Asian beauty markets has outpaced that in the West for years. Korea, China and Japan are a few of the countries where skin care outsells cosmetics and growth in premium products largely continues.

In fact, skin care accounts for the largest segment of personal care sales in Korea, comprising around 50% of the market.

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Skin care is seen as serious business in Asia and attitudes to skin lightening and brightening are fairly ...

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