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Published: 17-Jul-2023

Can luxury be fun and sustainable at the same time? If we consider the latest innovations in cosmetic packaging, the answer is yes

While exclusivity remains the driving force behind this market, there are other factors that come into play: narration, increasingly focused on artificial intelligence capable of taking creativity to new levels; sustainability; and emotional multi-sensory experiences involving sight, touch and smell.  

As an example of this, WGSN reveals the following: ‘To increase consumer engagement in the luxury world, brands are using neuroscience and the latest technologies to provide memorable interactions that anchor the brand to a moment and an emotion.’  

The sustainability narrative is enriched with two new keywords — discovery and enrichment — and is developed through circularity, the semantics of memories and objects to pass on. The objects are no longer ‘things’, but valuable items to be treasured with care. The packaging has fresh aesthetics and new functionalities with an improved sustainability profile due to mindful material choices, becoming a ‘treasure chest of desires’ that is beautiful and respectful of the planet.


Lumson is an example of this. With its latest innovations, the Italian company takes aesthetic research to a new level and provides a vision of the luxury world that combines sustainability and fun. The Eco Dropper is a mono-material dropper — a breath of fresh air for this type of product. The components are made entirely of PP allowing to be easily declined in an original and coloured version.
Because they are made of a single material, they can be easily recycled at the end of their life. This does not compromise technical performance, however: Eco Dropper provides the same precision and ease of use as traditional droppers.  

The collar and pipette are made of PP while the seal is made of polyolefin, a special elastomer compatible with the PP recycling chain. This solution simplifies end-of-life recycling, so that all the components can be processed along the same chain. The Eco Dropper can also be combined with PCR glass bottles for fully sustainable packaging.

SPICE analysis confirms the sustainability of this product. Compared to a standard dropper with TPE seal, UREA collar and glass pipette, the CO2 emissions used for production are reduced by 29 per cent, while the aggregate single score is reduced by 39 per cent.

If the Eco Dropper proves that luxury can be fun, the new PP mono-material cover confirms that the future of luxury is sustainability. Elegance, perfect aesthetics and attention to detail make this cover — a product designed to be free of the material’s classic imperfections — the perfect solution for brands seeking ‘ethics and aesthetics’. The three elements of the cover — outer/inner/sealing gasket — are made of a single material (PP) and are designed to avoid visual aesthetic defects. The cover can be combined with the Slim 58-diameter bottle and the De Luxe 66-diameter bottle in both standard and refillable versions. For an even greener approach, the components can be made of PCR PP.  

The results speak for themselves. Compared to a traditional Lumson PETG cover, the mono-material version reduces the aggregate score by 68 per cent, CO2 emissions by 28 per cent and the use of minerals and metals by 93 per cent (source: SPICE).   

If it is true that ‘the greatest revolutions begin with small everyday gestures’, then even a dropper or cover can make a difference to the future of our planet. 

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