Discover the next generation of Knoll Packaging and their expanded manufacturing capabilities in Europe and Philippines

Published: 30-Nov-2022

Knoll Packaging, the leader in deluxe rigid packaging for over 38 years, delivers the highest level of innovation, technical expertise, and quality in luxury packaging

Knoll has set a new standard for their sustainable approach, quality and technical achievements, printing techniques, and first-to-market designs. The next generation of Knoll Packaging is here, as they reshape the definition of sustainability in luxury packaging by eliminating plastics and through expanded manufacturing capabilities in Europe and the Philippines.

Knoll Packaging announced a strategic commercial partnership with Albertini Packaging Group (APG) that brings Knoll’s quality production into Europe. Knoll developed proprietary machinery that is automated with technical upgrades that have never been achieved before in Europe. Through the partnership with APG, Knoll will be able to achieve its regionalisation goals, and completely change the quality of packaging available to be manufactured in Europe. The first European-produced coffrets are currently in production and will launch in 2023.

In addition to its new European rigid box production, Knoll also began offering European production of its award-winning Knoll Ecoform molded pulp. Over the last 5 years, Knoll has implemented Knoll Ecoform molded pulp throughout the industry to help remove plastics from its supply chain and drive sustainable innovation. The material is certified recyclable and biodegradable, can be molded, cut to order and color matched. There has been extraordinary innovation with 100% molded pulp packaging this last year, including the launch of Knoll’s patent-pending make-up compacts. The latest innovation is fully customisable, features a removable mirror and magnet-free closure. Through these sustainable innovations, Knoll is on track to eliminate 200 metric tons of plastic from its supply chain by summer 2023.

Knoll Packaging’s also announced is they will open a fully owned and operated factory in the Philippines in January 2023. The custom-built facility features a highly sustainable design, will maintain Knoll’s standard for quality, and position Knoll for expansion. The highly sustainably designed factory is 8,000 sq meters with full rooftop solar array, rainwater collection for re-use, and a low Carbon Footprint. Knoll will also maintain the highest level of social accountability, employee engagement, and ethics in Asia. The factory is in a Duty-Free trade zone which is ‘0’ Vat for import and exports. The location is highly industrialised with neighbouring facilities owned by Epson, Dyson, Honda and many others, and is close to Manila Port. The Philippines factory will also feature Knoll Packaging’s proprietary custom-built machinery designed for cost efficiency and continued high quality.

At its core, Knoll is a family-run company that strives to drive innovation, provide the highest level of quality, and make the world a better place. The expanded capabilities into Europe and fully owned factory in the Philippines are a continuation of their mission to provide their expertise closer to their customers and set a new standard for sustainable packaging in the industry. The future is bright and it’s time to discover the next generation of Knoll Packaging and their new horizons.

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