Donkey power: Oway’s two new essential oil cultivation recruits


Italian hair care manufacturer and brand Oway introduce Spritz and Fulmine as its latest biodynamic farming helpers

Donkey power: Oway’s two new essential oil cultivation recruits

Oway, the family-owned Italian hair care manufacturer and brand, has enlisted the help of two donkeys to work on its Ortofficina farm in Bologna.

Spritz and Fulmine, two free-range donkeys, have been left to roam on the farm in order to mow vegetation and produce fertiliser.

The Ortofficina farm has not been exposed to manmade chemicals for more than 100 years, and the brand prides itself on its biodynamic farming methods.

Oway grows its own rosemary, lemon balm, sage, thyme, mint and helichrysum, which are then harvested and distilled – without the use of solvents – into essential oils before being used as ingredients in its hair care products.

Simone Sighinolfi, Oway International Commercial Director, said: “Biodynamic farming is what puts Oway above the rest.

“This method focuses not only on potent and pure organic ingredients, but also on unity and ethical growing standards for plants and animals.

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“Spritz and Fulmine help to cultivate the essential oils that we use in our products, ensuring that they are extra nutritious, and as pure and rich as they can possibly be.”