Drink your way to beauty

Published: 19-Feb-2014

In March, French skin care firm Académie Scientifique de Beauté will launch Boisson Drainante Académie Body (€18 for 500ml), a detoxifying beauty drink for spring. Flavoured with raspberry and bilberry and sweetened with stevia, it is designed to be used in conjunction with the firm’s other body conditioning products, Gel Douche Exfoliant (exfoliant shower gel), Gel Jambes Lourdes (a minty gel for tired legs), Gel Concentré Minceur (based on caffeine and holly) and the Soin en Eau vitamin cocktail for the skin.

To help the body eliminate accumulated toxins, exfiltrate the tissues and fight against water retention – which is often the origin of orange-peel skin – the formulation for Boisson Drainante Académie Body is enriched with dandelion for its diuretic properties, rosemary to help with digestion, fennel for its diuretic, digestive and stimulating properties (it helps the body rid itself of problems such as bloating, digestive and internal disorders), and stinging nettle for its cleansing and remineralising properties.

The firm recommends that users dilute 25ml of the product in a large glass of water twice a day and drink a bottle several times a year, especially if dieting.

Académie Scientifique products are sold via beauty salons across France.

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