DuPont and Anisa collaborate on brush design


adesign Brushes trials Natrafil filaments with make-up artists

DuPont Performance Polymers and adesign Brushes by Anisa International are working together on the development of five new cosmetic brushes made with DuPont Natrafil filaments. The two companies are committed to bringing new fibres to the beauty industry and say this kind of collaboration between a brand and its supplier is critical in the development of the perfect brush.

Brush kits including lip, eyeliner, buffer, and small and large eyeshadow brushes were distributed at this year’s MakeUp in Paris show and brushes were tested by 50 professional make-up artists.

“The adesign Brush line has always been our research and development brand,” says Anisa Telwar, president of Anisa International and adesign Brushes. “We are thrilled to partner with DuPont as a way to get feedback on the use of Natrafil fibres and how they are used within each individual brush.”

Natrafil filaments are claimed to offer high performance compared to common synthetic filaments and equal to superior performance to natural hair. Their broad range of performance is said to include stiffness, density, precision, length, pick up and release performance and coverage. “The ability to adapt to any brand directive is one of the advantages of Natrafil,” says Sarah Perreard, DuPont Natrafil product manager. “Natrafil filaments allow a freedom in development that makes it a unique material.”

Having used the brushes, make-up artists reported a higher pick up (59%) and release (53%) of the formula with the Natrafil brushes. Over half also noted more uniform and even application compared to animal hair and 71% said powders were less volatile when applied with these filaments, meaning less powder falls under the eye. Brushes were also considered relatively easy to clean.

This feedback is said to have been critical in assessing the functionality of the brushes and adesign says it will be able to adapt and optimise the brushes before the launch planned for 2012.