DuPont launches natural osmoprotectant and moisturiser

Published: 23-Mar-2017

A new ingredient designed to protect and energise the skin is Genencare OSMS MI from DuPont Industrial Biosciences.

Small molecules called osmolytes play an active role in regulating the water in the skin, creating osmotic balance. An active osmolyte, Genencare OSMS MI helps regulate the water balance within skin cells and prevents damage from heat and UV radiation.

Ecocert-certified Genencare OSMS MI is a highly purified myo-inositol, and, according to DuPont, is more than just a strong osmoprotectant and moisturiser; a vitamin-like ingredient, it is a precursor molecule for important cell messengers, and is proven to increase the skin cell metabolism (oxygen consumption and energy stock level) and improve skin tonicity, as demonstrated in in vivo tests.

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