Beauty embraces wellness at in-cosmetics Global in London

By Julia Wray | Published: 13-Apr-2017

From warming massages to banishing lines that make us look ‘unhappy’, an overarching theme of in-cosmetics Global 2017 was that the beauty industry does not exist just to make consumers look good, but to feel great about themselves

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On 4-6 April 2017, the world’s premier cosmetics ingredients and services trade event, in-cosmetics Global, returned to the UK’s ExCeL venue for the first time in 15 years.

“This is the second time we’ve held in-cosmetics in the UK; the first was in 2002 and since then the show has changed so much. It’s more than three times the size,” Exhibition Director Cathy Laporte said at the opening of the show. Of the 8746 visitors 26% were from the UK, which Laporte said presented “a lot of opportunities [for British cosmetics companies] to forge new partnerships and see people they would not see at any other in-cosmetics event”.

In line with the UK’s reputation for fostering creative, holistic beauty start-ups, many newly-launched ingredients were positioned to tap into the trend for wellbeing. From antidotes to urban living via the eradication of ‘misery’ lines, materials no longer just claim to make us look younger, but to look relaxed, fulfilled and great for our age, whatever that age may be.

Beauty embraces wellness at in-cosmetics Global in London

New Approaches To Sun Protection…

With 80% of the visual signs of ageing attributed to sun exposure, ingredients companies are dialoguing less on just UV protection and increasingly on protecting skin from the full solar spectrum.

One line of defence is, of course, sun filters. At in-cosmetics Global, DSM introduced what it described as “two of the four most powerful filters in our portfolio”. The first, PARSOL Shield, is three UV filters in one molecule, covering UVB, UVA2 and (more uncommonly) UVA1. A nice side effect, said DSM, is that you can bring down the UV filter load for a lower oil phase, providing a solution to challenging sensorial issues that sun care product formulators often face.

The second new UV filter from DSM was PARSOL Max II, which offers protection from UVB, UVA2 and UVA1, and even extends into the blue light part of the visible spectrum.

Because of this extension into blue light protection, it offers a strong protection boost at the very long-wave end of the UVA1 spectrum. It is water-dispersible and, rather uniquely, allows for blue light protection without colouring the formulation.

In addition to its new UV filters, DSM also launched

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