Eastman debuts sustainable packaging


Eastman has introduced a breakthrough product to address plastic waste: Eastman Trēva

Eastman Trēva, unveiled during Luxe Pack New York in May, is a cellulose-based plastic for opaque and colour-tinted packaging.

It can serve as a direct replacement for ABS but has a biocontent of over 40%, enabling brands to progress towards sustainability commitments.

Earlier this year, Eastman announced carbon renewal technology: a recycling innovation that converts plastic waste back to its molecular components for reintroduction into other materials.

“Trēva will be one of the first Eastman products to benefit from carbon renewal technology, which will further enhance Trēva’s beginning-of-life profile,” says Kendra Harrold, Marketing Director, Packaging at Eastman.

“In addition to having over 40% biobased materials, Trēva will have a significant part of its remaining content derived from allocated certified recycled plastic.”

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