Embrace the wave in natural hair care

Published: 12-Apr-2017

From loose waves, to corkscrew curls and tight coils, the trend for natural hair texture is growing, along with the demand for more sustainable, eco-friendly haircare ingredients.

Curly hair is prone to dryness, tangles and breakage, requiring gentle formulations to moisturise, tame and protect. AAK ‘shea-liciously’ superior emollient ingredients are not only highly stable, sustainable and hypoallergic but also shown to outperform synthetic and placebo benchmarks at reducing combing force and breakage when hair is wet and most vulnerable.

Embrace the wave in natural hair care

Lipex L’sens is a highly polar, semi-solid emollient that provides body to both hair and formulations. It offers lanolin-like properties with respect to touch, structure, gloss, film-building and water absorbing capacities, which can be beneficial when formulating styling and treatment products for textured hair.

Lipex SheaLight is a high spreading, low viscosity emollient ester, suitable for cold processing, sprayable and clear styling formulations. When combined, the two Lipex ingredients ensure optimal deposit of high and low viscosity polar lipids on individual hair strands, thereby:

  • improving lubrication and mimicking the hair’s natural protection mechanism to aid detangling;
  • minimising the interaction of individual hair strands by reducing friction, leading to easier hair movement.

For functionality, stability, mildness and sustainable credentials, our Lipex ingredients are an excellent choice if you want to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to formulating natural haircare. It’s why it's called ‘a curl’s best friend’!

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