Eurofins CRL is excited to announce the new addition of Cosmetic Stability and Package Compatibility testing

Published: 18-May-2023

Eurofins CRL has expanded its testing facility, increased staff, and has purchased new equipment to meet demand needs

With many of their clients identifying new raw material and packaging suppliers, they anticipate an increased demand for cosmetic stability and package compatibility testing.

Lenore Coyle, President of Eurofins CRL, said "As the leading 3rd party testing lab, Eurofins always strives to anticipate the ever-changing needs of the cosmetics and personal care testing industry. We are confident that with this expansion of our capabilities we can continue to supply the needed capacity and turnaround time to support the industry as our clients identify new vendors for their raw materials and packaging components. We look forward to serving our current and new clients in this capacity in 2023."

What are the Benefits of Cosmetic Stability and Package Compatibility Testing?

Cosmetic Stability testing is used to determine the expected shelf-life of a novel formulation, or a formulation that has been subject to changes in its composition materials or processes. It is also used to evaluate product-package compatibility to ensure that interactions between the product and container are not resulting in the degradation of either, either from the leaching of product components by the packaging material, or corrosion of packaging material by the product affecting its barrier properties.

What Services can Eurofins CRL Provide?

Eurofins CRL now has the capabilities to conduct both Standard and Accelerated cosmetic stability and package compatibility testing. Accelerated cosmetic stability testing allows a cosmetic formulator to observe long-term effects without delaying production timelines, as elevated temperatures increase the rates of reaction. One year at room temperature can be simulated by 10 weeks at 45°C or 12 weeks at 40°C.

Within Accelerated cosmetic stability testing there are options to conduct either a High-Humidity test or a Cycling test. High-Humidity test conditions increase stress on packaging, demonstrating whether the container provides sufficient protection from the product storage environment. Cycling tests involve moving the product through fluctuations in temperature and humidity at regular intervals, which can determine how a product will hold up to uncontrolled conditions during distribution and storage.

They look forward to the continuation of being the lab of choice for their current customers as well as working with new clients in their expanding facilities. If you would like to conduct Standard or Accelerated cosmetic stability and package compatibility testing, please reach out to them at the below email address. Eurofins CRL have immediate start dates, competitive pricing and both standard and customised protocol designs.

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