Eurofragance is now producing halal fragrances at Singapore facility

The fragrance manufacturer said it sees a large opportunity in providing certified halal scents for key markets in Asia and beyond

Fragrance manufacturer Eurofragance has started designing and producing halal certified fragrances through its Singapore Rapido facility.

Any company that now uses Eurofragance’s facility to create a perfume will benefit from being halal compliant.

Markus Steger, General Manager of Eurofragance Asia-Pacific, said: “We see a large opportunity in providing halal certification for key markets for the Asia region and beyond.

“This can only grow as interest in halal products gain market share.”

Eurofragance has been expanding in Asia for some time, opening a production plant in Singapore in December and investing in a new creative centre dedicated primarily to R&D in June last year.

The halal cosmetics market is predicted to grow by a CAGR of almost 15% through to 2021, according to Technavio.