Experts dispel rumours to help expecting mothers and their babies

By Sarah Parsons 30-Mar-2017

New parents hear lots of mixed messages about what’s best for their little one. We’ve spoken to the experts to dispel the rumours and help mum and baby start their wonderful new adventure together with ease

Experts dispel rumours to help expecting mothers and their babies

The Expert Panel

Dr Nisith Sheth, Consultant Dermatologist – British Skin Foundation

Mass Brand Ambassador:
Rebecca Bennett, Skin Care Specialist – Johnson & Johnson

Elizabeth Wall, Nutritionist – Holland & Barrett

Rumour: Natural And Organic Products Are Better

Dermatologist: Most are probably safe, but they aren’t necessarily better. One of the problems with so-called natural or organic compounds is we don’t always know everything in them or their concentrations. Some natural products can be detrimental. For example, some organic products containing soy or oil of bergamot can make pigmentation from melasma (also sometimes referred to as ‘the mask of pregnancy’) worse. The pigmentation of dark patchy areas on the face and/or neck can form while a woman is pregnant or after she has given birth.

Mass Brand Ambassador: Not necessarily – it is very important that products used on baby’s (and mum’s) skin are pure, mild and safe, and careful research is needed to ensure this is the case. For example, olive oil is a naturally occurring substance, but it has recently been proven in independent research that it can damage the skin barrier when used for massage or moisturisation.

Nutritionist: Everyone’s skin is different, so it is important that customers use the products that work best for their skin type.

Rumour: Wash Products Are Bad For A Baby’s Skin


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