Feelunique to ‘decode’ 5,300 ingredients by 2020

By Becky Bargh | Published: 18-Oct-2019

The retailer’s new Beauty Decoded initiative will help customers make sense of more than 5,000 ingredients on its site

As consumers become more aware of the beauty products they’re using, online retailer Feelunique has launched a new transparency initiative on its website.

In partnership with Evrelab, Feelunique’s Beauty Decoded programme will provide users with in-depth information about a product’s ingredients, functionality and benefits.

Feelunique hopes the initiative will help consumers to discover ingredients that work for them.

“Transparency is one of our core brand ideals, a natural extension of that is to provide helpful information in relation to ingredients and their benefits,” said Feelunique’s Chief Marketing Officer Jennifer Roebuck.

“Brands like The Ordinary pioneered the ingredient movement and consumers look for ingredients first in many cases when they start their beauty shopping journey.

“Our vision to provide a knowledge driven digital shopping experience starts with transparency and we will build on this over time as we learn more about what matters to our customers and how transparency evolves in the beauty industry.”

Meanwhile, Evrelab’s CEO Jo Osborne said she was “thrilled to be working with Feelunique” to help educate customers on the “incredibly important issue of ingredient transparency”.

By early 2020, the brand has pledged to decode more than 5,300 ingredients for its product listings.

The retailer is also expected to revamp its site with Beauty Decoded at the forefront, including an ingredients glossary and sustainable switches category.

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