Fermentation product concept launched by Surfachem

Published: 13-Aug-2021

A range of seven unique formulations which incorporate fermented ingredients from a variety of origins


Fermentation is a natural factory powerhouse fuelled by microbes, that give the ability to produce ingredients with new properties.

The next generation of sustainable and natural

While natural ingredients bring us closer to nature and its processes, they rely heavily on farming natural resources that are in decline due to over-consumption. An alternative solution is to use synthesised naturals –natural ingredients that can be grown and cultivated in a lab, such as micro algae, fermented yeasts, and bacteria – which offer a more sustainable alternative to diminishing natural resources (Stylus, 2021).

No land is compromised for making crops for ingredients to be extracted, no fresh water is needed to aid the process and microbes can be used repeatedly.

Fermentation market | Trends

Fermentation product concept launched by Surfachem
  • +127% increase in beauty and personal care products which contain fermented ingredients, between 2016 and 2020 (Mintel)
  • The fermentation chemicals market overall was valued at $47.4 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $66 billion by 2022 (Cosmetics & Toiletries)


  • Algae Pure Serum | Fast absorbing rich pro-ageing facial oil, to add radiance to every skin type
  • Calming Scalp Yoghurt | Gentle pre-treatment solution to soothe and repair your scalp
  • Exfoliating Cleanser | Hybrid dual action exfoliator, utilising both chemical and physical exfoliators with encapsulated beads
  • Fromage Whip | Plump up the skin with this melting luxurious fromage face whip
  • Magic Tremella Elixir | Clear hydra-boost face elixir, with snow mushroom and active-laden petals
  • Radiance Bubble Mousse | Instant long lasting brightness for the face and body with a bouncy yet rich mousse, leaving a subtle shimmer for a healthy glow
  • Vitastyle Treatment Nourish and protect both the scalp and hair with a multi-functional wet styling treatment

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