Firmenich names Dr Eric Frérot Distinguished Scientist

By Julia Wray | Published: 13-Jul-2022

Frérot is one of only seven scientists at the company to receive the title

Firmenich has appointed Dr Eric Frérot as Distinguished Scientist.

He is one of only seven employees inside the Swiss fragrance and taste company to receive the title.

“I am delighted to celebrate the nomination of Dr Eric Frérot as Distinguished Scientist,” said Firmenich CEO Gilbert Ghostine.

“His valuable contributions have had a profound, long lasting effect on the industry and have influenced the next generation of scientific professionals.

“Science and innovation are the heart of Firmenich and our science community is at the very core of our success.”

The Distinguished Scientist recognition was introduced by Firmenich in 2008 and is said to bear testimony to a scientist’s unwavering dedication to inspiring the scientific community, and to reward exceptional scientific contributions to the Firmenich business.

Frérot joined Firmenich in 1994 in the Analysis & Perception Department of the company’s Corporate R&D Division.

His current research focuses on the discovery of new ingredients and sustainable manufacturing routes.

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