Forest Spa Finland selects Sulapac for eco packaging

By Julia Wray | 15-Dec-2021

Sulapac’s Premium material has been chosen to house the brand's Nordic Adaptogen Supplements product

Forest Spa Finland has partnered with green materials company Sulapac to use its microplastic-free sustainable materials in its packaging.

Fellow Finnish business Sulapac specialises in bio-based material innovation for the circular economy and its clients include Chanel, Haeckels and Green People.

Forest Spa Finland, a Helsinki-based skin care and wellness brand founded by Daniel Collins, selected Sulapac’s Premium grade material for its Nordic Adaptogen Supplements packaging. This was said to be thanks to the material’s unique look, which highlights large and visible wood chips to demonstrate the incorporation of certified wood from industrial side streams.

The packs are manufactured in Sulapac Premium by Nissha.

“We are happy to be able to work with Forest Spa Finland, as our values of sustainability and caring for our planet are aligned, and both have our roots in the Finnish soil,” said Dr Suvi Haimi, CEO and co-founder of Sulapac.

“Daniel’s vision of sharing a little jar of Finland through their products makes me smile.”

Forest Spa Finland’s Nordic Adaptogen Supplements are made from Nordic-sourced adaptogens and have been formulated to enhance physiological health and boost overall wellness.

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