Fountain launches in Selfridges

Published: 9-May-2014

Beauty supplement brand to launch in Selfridges stores with health and beauty nutrients in liquid formats

Beauty supplement brand Fountain offers health and beauty nutrients in liquid formats. On 15 May, the brand is introducing a new range of products exclusively in Selfridges stores. According to Fountain, 'the unique bio-availability of each supplement allows the full benefits of its ingredients to be received easily by the body'.

The range comprises: The Beauty Molecule (£24.99), with the longevity benefits of 26,000 grapes in one teaspoon - also available in Extra Strength at £67.99; The Hyaluronic Molecule (£27.99), containing bio-available hyaluronic acid to cushion skin and joints from the inside out; The Happy Molecule (£19.99), which contains bio-available gamma aminobutyric acid suspended in hyaluronic acid for a balanced, happy mind; The Energy Molecule (£23.99), with bio-available American ginseng in a base of coffee bean and creatine for positive and sustainable energy; The Hair Molecule (£34.99), a solubilised silica to allow hair and nails to grow to peak condition; The Super Green Molecule (£27.99), the equivalent of six bowls of dark green leaves in one daily dose; and The Phyto Collagen Molecule (£39.99), a supplement to preserve and trigger production of collagen.

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