Future Laboratory predicts beauty trends in 2026


With predicted advances in AR and VR, the beauty industry is forecast to become hyper-connected with consumers demanding quantified beauty

Future Laboratory predicts beauty trends in 2026

UK trend forecasting consultancy The Future Laboratory has published a new report on the future of the beauty market.

Commissioned by new supplement brand Beauty Beneath, the Future of Beauty report identifies the key trends to emerge by 2026. Six core trends are presented in the research including: smart supplements, optimised lives, hyper-connected efficacy, virtual transformations, quanitifed beauty and co-created futures.

Smart and optimised

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In the smart supplements section, the report identifies that nutricosmetics will dominate the beauty market in ten years, when consumers will strive to live longer and look better. Beyond this, it claims that supplements will be matched to individual genetic codes and will largely replace topical products.


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