GEKA continues to enforce its IP rights and protects its customers

Published: 10-Dec-2021

Cosmetic applicator manufacturer GEKA GmbH has successfully enforced its design rights to the protected DEFINER MAX lip applicator

GEKA has discovered several copies on the market of its very successful flocked applicator product -the DEFINER MAX lip applicator- an applicator similar in appearance to a boxing glove. The company Pixi Ltd.

London, UK was one of the first competitors to be sued for infringement of the German design right DE 40 20080042121-0009, which protects the unique visual appearance of this lip applicator.

On November 8th, 2021, GEKA has received an acknowledgement judgement from the Frankfurt Regional Court; Pixi had not put forward any convincing counterarguments and, in view of this, has consented to the judicial lawsuit and its judgement.

Several other infringers have agreed to end their infringement in out-of-court settlements.

Thus, the design right registered for the applicator created by a very well-known Hollywood designer has proven its strength once again. GEKA's attention is now directed to further enforcing this registered design against other infringers.

As a leading manufacturer of high-precision beauty application solutions, GEKA regularly develops new innovations and protects them by intellectual property rights.

As such it has more than about 400 registered designs and 150 patents and pending applications. GEKA has enforced its rights in dozens of prior cases already, protecting its own IP rights as well as the rights of its customers against patent-infringement and counterfeiting.

Copies of GEKA products by other manufacturers are not subject to GEKA's strict quality controls and are therefore not covered by its warranty. In the interests of its customers, GEKA will continue to take legal steps against all such copies.

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