Gattefossé helps beauty brands boost protection from UV with new active

By Austyn King | Published: 6-Apr-2022

The company's Solastemis ingredient protects against photoageing by boosting cells’ repair mechanism

Personal care supplier Gattefossé has revealed a new active to help beauty brands boost UV protection in their skin care formulas.

The naturally derived Solastemis ingredient protects skin from photoageing and damaging effects caused by UV rays.

Acting at the heart of the epidermis, Solastemis protects the DNA from keratinocytes – which constitute 90% of epidermal skin cells – from UVA damage.

This boosts cells’ repair system, while providing a shield that protects collagen and elastin from degradation caused by sun exposure.

“With skin care shifting to skin health care, the need for health-centric cosmetic products is dramatically increasing,” said Laurie Canel, Product Marketing Leader, Personal Care Actives at Gattefossé.

“In the field of skin health, UV protection is a central topic and photoageing a never-ending concern.

“This active has been developed with the objective of providing a deep protection of the cellular integrity against UVA radiation, by acting at the heart of our cells, in DNA.

“This ingredient is the result of several years of research by our experts in sourcing of natural products, plant chemistry, cell biology, and clinical evaluation.”

Gattefossé's team discovered that epidermal stem cells have a great capacity to fight UVA aggressions, thanks to their more efficient repair mechanisms.

A panel of 33 Caucasian women aged between 37 and 55 showed a significant reduction in symptoms of photoageing, including crow's feet wrinkles and an overall improvement on skin smoothness.

The ingredient features active molecules from Sechium edule fruit, also known as chayote or christophene, harvested using zero-waste principles from La Réunion island in the Indian ocean.

As part of Gattefossé's CSR commitments, the company harnessed Natural Deep Eutectic Solvents technology (NaDES) and a tailored manufacturing process to produce the 99% natural origin ingredient.

Meanwhile, the company’s long-standing relationships with local producers are said to guarantee quality and traceability throughout its supply chain.

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