Gattefossé strengthens its CSR approach and reaches two major milestones

Published: 10-Feb-2022

The company has received ISO 14001:2015 certification for its main production site in France and has been ranked in the top 1% of the EcoVadis platform by receiving the Platinum medal. These two awards recognise the performance of the actions implemented as part of the group's CSR approach, Gatt’Up&Act

For several years, Gattefossé has included Social Responsibility in its development strategy and the company's actions have now been rewarded with two major distinctions.

ISO 14001: validation of the Environmental Management System

Gattefossé strengthens its CSR approach and reaches two major milestones

In October 2021, following two years of effort, Gattefossé obtained ISO 14001:2015 certification for its main production site in Saint-Priest (France). The implementation of this Environmental Management System, now certified, aims to continuously improve the company's performance through a more sustainable use of resources and the reduction of waste.

Gattefossé is committed to a continuous improvement process in order to maintain this certification for the next few years.

EcoVadis: a recognised CSR performance

Gattefossé strengthens its CSR approach and reaches two major milestones

In November 2021, the Saint-Priest site was awarded Platinum category by EcoVadis for its exemplary CSR performance with a score de 74/100. This result, reflecting a collective team effort, represents an increase of 4 points compared to 2020. It allows Gattefossé to be among the TOP 1% of companies evaluated by EcoVadis, on the themes of Environment, Social & Human Rights, Ethics and Responsible Purchasing. This leap forward is the result of concrete actions implemented by the company on priority themes: improving the traceability, sustainability and performance of raw materials, reducing direct and indirect carbon emissions, working on the eco-design of ingredients by reducing the impact of their end-of-life.

Gattefossé also uses EcoVadis to assess the CSR performance of all its suppliers involved in the production of its ingredients. A key tool to encourage and accelerate social and environmental performance throughout the supply chain.

To consult the detailed results of the 2021 assessment, please visit and request access to the following account: Gattefossé: Gattefossé SAS (Saint-Priest site).

Right: Laurent Schubnel Gattefossé CSR Group Leader

Right: Laurent Schubnel Gattefossé CSR Group Leader

"Gattefossé has always adopted an environmental, social and societal approach in its activities. Today, these two recognitions allow us to illustrate our ambitions. ISO 14001 is a great structuring tool that will help us to achieve our strategic objectives, by taking environmental issues into account even more strongly in the management of the company. The EcoVadis assessment allows us to highlight our strengths and identify areas for improvement. It is also a way of enhancing the work of our teams and increasing the commitment of our employees, while strengthening the confidence of our stakeholders towards the Gattefossé group."

Gatt’Up&Act: a CSR roadmap in constant progress

The main CSR objective for Gattefossé is to combine sustainable growth and general interest in order to lead, with all its sphere of influence, the transition to a business model that combines durability and performance. Today, this is materialised by a CSR roadmap founded around three key pillars:

  • Preserving our environment: reducing the impact on the climate, preserving resources and being transparent
  • Taking care of our people: improving the quality of life at work, the development and safety of each employee
  • Acting as a world citizen: guaranteeing ethical relations and committing to the common good around environment and solidarity

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