Givaudan Active Beauty tackles enlarged pores with new ingredient

By Julia Wray 28-Feb-2022

Neoporyl is made using biocatalysis, and targets parakeratosis and dermis fragility

<i>Givaudan Active Beauty's Neoporyl addresses the root causes of enlarged pores</i>

Givaudan Active Beauty's Neoporyl addresses the root causes of enlarged pores

New from Givaudan Active Beauty is an active ingredient that reduces the size of enlarged pores in just one week.

Neoporyl works by targeting the root causes of enlarged pores, parakeratosis – an alteration of the epidermal structure – and dermis fragility.

“Our experts in skin physiology and white biotechnology have designed Neoporyl, an innovative complex based on a biomimetic source of energy and key amino acids, to address the biological phenomena of parakeratosis and skin fragility,” commented Mathias Fleury, Head of the Actives category for Givaudan Active Beauty.

“Our active ingredient is able to limit hyperdifferentiation in the epidermis, reduce nucleated cell density in the stratum corneum, restore collagen production in the fragile dermis and boost mature collagen and decorin production.”

The biocatalysis-crafted ingredient is shown in clinical tests to significantly reduce pore size in Caucasian women within just two weeks for all volunteers, regardless of age range, and with increasing efficacy during the two-month trial period: down -24% versus placebo.

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Similar benefits were observed among Asian men, with a significant effect on pore size in just one week: up to 2.4 times better than placebo with an additional improvement in skin appearance.

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