Givaudan Active Beauty unveils Zanthalene, the scalable active able to mimic botox properties to combat wrinkles and skin discomfort

Givaudan Active Beauty presents Zanthalene, a scalable natural active ingredient crafted by green fractionation with botox-like efficacy and skin sensitivity modulation benefits.

Created from Zanthoxylum bungeanum, commonly known as Sichuan pepper, Zanthalene is a cosmetic ingredient derived from spice and able to act on neuromuscular communication within the skin structure, providing well-ageing effects and soothing benefits depending on its concentration in formulas.

All consumers eventually experience the effects of ageing on the skin, such as wrinkles and sensitivity. However, a large number will not be motivated to reverse these effects through invasive treatments.

According to our CMI study, 86% of consumers are currently interested in beauty products containing natural ingredients that help soothe skin discomfort while smoothing for a botox-like effect.

Giada Maramaldi, Personal Care Category Manager, Givaudan said: "Each facial expression activates a large number of muscles. With time and the decrease of collagen production, these expressions become even more marked and embedded on the skin, leading to the formation of wrinkles.

"In order to fight against these effects, Zanthalene offers a neurocosmetic strategy, enabling facial muscle relaxation in a safe, reversible and natural way, adding a sensation of comfort while removing skin discomfort."

Crafted from Sichuan pepper, a plant widely used as a spice in Asian cuisine, Zanthalene is extracted from its fruit husks using super critical CO2. Its efficacy has been proven during several clinical studies:

  • At low dosage (0.5%), Zanthalene is able to reduce skin discomfort such as itching and sensitivity by bringing a soothing effect to the skin in only a few minutes
  • At higher dosage (1%), Zanthalene shows a visible and immediate reduction of the skin's roughness parameter in only 30 minutes, and long-term efficacy over 30 days. This indicates that our organism continues to respond even over regular use of the product, creating a virtuous circle of amelioration.

Zanthalene is thus a perfect ingredient for formulation in beauty products targeting tired skin, aiming for a refreshed look and an immediately visible effect.

As over 80%1 of consumers are ready to purchase a concept formulated with botox-like active ingredients, our experts have designed an inspiring marketing concept, Sensilift which features Zanthalene. Powered by Vetivyne, Centerox and rose seed oil to regenerate and plum the skin, this highly natural well-ageing cream is also enriched with Jambu to energise the skin and provide a boosting, hydrating, comforting and soothing effect.

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