O&3 predicts top natural beauty and personal care trends for summer 2024

Published: 1-May-2024

This year, natural ingredients in skin care are all about real results and the focus is shifting towards targeted benefits and conscious consumption

As summer approaches, the focus on health and sustainability is at an all-time high, with consumers ditching harsh chemicals in favour of natural alternatives. At O&3, transparency and ethical sourcing are at the core of the business and they have been busy researching the hottest trends in natural beauty, to predict what summer 2024 has in store…

Sustainable, zero-waste and upcycled products continue to be the theme of the year, presenting an opportunity for cosmetic chemists, formulators, and brands to push the boundaries of innovation with naturals. By embracing products made from upcycled ingredients, such as fruit seed oils or repurposed agricultural byproducts, you can create high-performing formulations while minimising environmental impact, not only resonating with eco-conscious consumers but positioning brands at the forefront of a rapidly growing market.

Retinol – A natural alternative to avoid acne flare-ups

Hopefully this summer will bring plenty of sunshine and warmth, but it is important to remember that sun exposure can accelerate skin ageing by breaking down collagen and elastin fibres, leading to wrinkles, sagging, and other visible signs of ageing.

Pomegranate Seed Oil is emerging powerful ingredient for sun damage and anti-ageing products. While retinol is a well-known anti-ageing option, its potential for irritation steers many consumers away. Pomegranate Seed Oil on the other hand, offers a gentler anti-ageing ingredient. Rich in antioxidants that fight free radical damage caused by the sun and anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe sunburned skin, Pomegranate Seed Oil is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. It also helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and can improve the overall tone and texture of the skin.

This gentle yet effective approach resonates with the growing demand for natural and sustainable skin care solutions and the Pomegranate Oil market projected to grow at a CAGR of around 6.8% between 2023-2030, with the global market valued at around $310 million in 2022.

O&3’s Cold-pressed Pomegranate Seed Oil offers a natural and gentle alternative to traditional anti-ageing ingredients, with the rise in demand reflecting a broader trend towards clean and sustainable skin care.

Beat the heat with skin streaming for glowing skin

Forget complex skin regimes, “skin streaming” is the hot summer trend prioritising quality over quantity, saving consumers time and money.

In a world where less is more, layering numerous products on the skin is not only bad for the environment, it can also disrupt the skin’s natural barrier, leading to flare-ups and poor skin health.

The skin streaming trend minimises these risks and allows the skin to breathe and function optimally.

The core elements of a skin streaming routine remain constant: a gentle cleanser to remove impurities without stripping the skin, a moisturiser to hydrate and plump, and a sunscreen to provide essential protection.

We all know that sunscreen with good SPF is a non-negotiable for skin health this summer, so building a solid skin streaming regime around this starts with a gentle cleanser set with a great carrier oil base. Jojoba, Sweet Almond, Argan, and Grapeseed Oil provide excellent cleansing and makeup removal, while unique options such as Buriti, Tamanu, Prickly Pear, and Borage Seed Oil offer even more benefits at a slightly higher price point.

For moisturisers, consumers will be looking for products with ingredients laden with the highest moisture-rich properties to help nourish dry skin. Natural products with Shea Butter and Coconut Oil will be in high demand. While Shea Butter is deeply moisturising and rich in vitamins and fatty acids for nourishing dry skin, Coconut Oil, as well as being hydrating, also has antimicrobial properties, helping to protect the skin from pathogens and lock in moisture.

A natural alternative to salicylic acid for summer breakouts

Salicylic acid is known to penetrates deep into the pores to dissolve excess oil, dead skin cells, and other impurities that can lead to clogged pores and breakouts.

But, in aquatic environments, salicylic acid from skin care products and medications may have adverse effects on aquatic organisms. Additionally, the production of salicylic acid through chemical synthesis may involve the use of solvents, catalysts, and other chemicals in production.

For conscious consumers looking for natural alternatives to salicylic acid, products rich in Tea Tree Oil are emerging as ‘the’ natural alternative due to its amazing anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, skin oil regulation, and natural astringent properties.

Tea Tree Oil can help reduce redness, swelling and acne formation as well as tighten and firm the skin. Its mild exfoliating properties unclogs pores and kills acne-causing bacteria, particularly Propionibacterium acnes.

Which natural oil ingredients are trending this summer?

Based on the growing interest in sustainability, holistic wellness, and natural ingredients, it's likely that certain natural oils will continue to be prominent in beauty and personal care trends in 2024.

Here are a few main contenders for Summer 2024:

  • Hemp Seed Oil - With the increasing legalisation of hemp and growing awareness of its benefits, hemp seed oil is likely to remain popular. It's rich in omega fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins, making it deeply nourishing for the skin and hair.
  • Moringa Oil - Derived from the seeds of the moringa tree, is gaining attention for its nutrient-rich profile, including vitamins A, C, and E, as well as antioxidants and fatty acids. It's known for its moisturising, anti-aging, and anti-inflammatory properties, making it a versatile ingredient for skin care products.
  • Sacha Inchi Oil - Extracted from the seeds of the sacha inchi plant native to the Amazon rainforest, is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, making it incredibly hydrating and nourishing for the skin. It's also high in antioxidants, which help protect the skin from environmental damage.
  • Baobab Oil - Derived from the seeds of the baobab tree, is rich in vitamins A, D, E, and F, as well as omega fatty acids. It's deeply moisturising, soothing, and rejuvenating for the skin, making it a valuable ingredient in skin care products.
  • Marula Oil - Extracted from the nuts of the marula tree, is known for its hydrating, anti-aging, and skin-balancing properties. It's rich in antioxidants and fatty acids, making it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive and acne-prone skin.

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